Newsletters and e-Bulletins

Since our foundation, we have published a bi-annual Newsletter. We also produce an e-Bulletin that is published 4 times a year. For the latest electronic copies please see below.

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An illustration of a small garden in front of a brick wall with the words 'Anywhere Farm'.

Newsletter 41
Autumn 2017

Two women stand in front of a portrait of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown.

Newsletter 40
Spring 2017

A woman with a microphone talks.

Newsletter 39
Autumn 2016

A painting of flowers in a silver urns.

Newsletter 38
Spring 2016

A tight group of purple and white flowers on a single stem.

Newsletter 37
Autumn 2015

Two people talk during a function.

Newsletter 36
Spring 2015

A group of people stand in front of a blossoming tree.

Newsletter 35
Autumn 2014

A sketch of natural stone features at Plumpton Rocks.

Newsletter 34
Spring 2014

An elevated view over a geometric garden.

Newsletter 33
Autumn 2013

A large stone bridge over a river surrounded by trees with autumn colours.

Newsletter 32
Spring 2013

People descend stairs during a garden visit.

Newsletter 31
Autumn 2012

A stone bridge over a small stream.

Newsletter 30
Spring 2012

A group of adults and children at a garden visit.

Newsletter 29
Autumn 2011

Close up of a sunflower.

Newsletter 28
Spring 2011

A portrait of Liz Simson, Chairperson of the YGT.

Newsletter 27
Autumn 2010