Online Events

As we are unable to have live events, we now have a series of talks online:

'Genius of the Place: John Aislabie’s personal style at Studley Royal', 4 December

Yorkshire Gardens Trust in association with The Gardens Trust present a lecture by Mark Newman to mark John Aislabie’s 350th birthday

On the evening of his 350th birthday, December 4th 2020, this talk will explore the lifestory of John Aislabie (politician, entrepreneur, Chancellor of the Exchequer, national villain and – most significantly – outstanding landscape designer) and the World Heritage Site he created at Studley Royal.

Understanding of John Aislabie’s achievements has developed very considerably following many years of National Trust research, including publication of Mark Newman’s “Wonder of the North: Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal” in 2015. This talk will take that work as a foundation, but also include - for the first time - fruits of further research (some only completed this summer) that have still more to reveal about John Aislabie’s schemes for the grounds and the truly pioneering scope of his personal vision for landscape design.

Attendees will be sent a Zoom link 2 days prior to the start of the talk, and a link to the recorded session will be sent shortly afterwards.

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'Wentworth Castle and Wentworth Woodhouse: Georgian rivals united through 21st-century restoration and public access', 14 December

The Gardens Trust present a lecture by Dr Patrick Eyres

The family rivalry was both dynastic and political. Until the mid-1740s, the Wentworth Castle dynasty was superior in aristocratic rank and cultural display. It was once the Hanoverian monarchy was securely embedded, that the Whigs at Wentworth Woodhouse began to eclipse their Tory cousins in social status and estate embellishment. We are fortunate that the rivals are being united by the endeavours of charitable trusts to conserve as a public amenity this magnificent legacy of competitive country house building and landscape gardening.

For over a decade, the Wentworth Castle Heritage Trust restored the splendour of the mansion, estate buildings, gardens, park and monuments, and the future of Wentworth Castle Gardens is now secure in the care of the National Trust. At Wentworth Woodhouse, the Fitzwilliam Wentworth Amenity Trust has restored the Georgian fabric of the landscape monuments and the four serpentine lakes, while the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust is undertaking the Herculean task of re-roofing the gargantuan Palladian mansion.

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