Visit to York Museum Gardens - 23 July

From Events Secretary:

Dear YGT friend

I hope that you remain well in these difficult times

Whilst there is still significant uncertainty around the format of this event there is a strong possibility that a number of YGT members may be able to take part in a visit to York Museum Gardens on Thursday 23 July under the guidance of YGT member, Peter Hogarth and Ewan Anderson, authors of “The most fortunate situation” The Story of York’s Museum Gardens.

Whilst this may not be the usual style of a YGT visit, it will be an opportunity to learn about the history of the site, its development as a botanic garden and potentially to meet, at a distance, some of our YGT friends.

It would be helpful if I could please have an indication whether you may wish to consider attending, by Friday 10 July

The charge for this visit will be £10 per head and “payment” may be made by reduction to your existing “credit” outstanding with YGT for cancelled 2020 Events

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