Student Bursary Scheme

The Yorkshire Gardens Trust (the YGT) was formed in 1996 with the objective of conserving and fostering the county’s historic gardens, parks and designed landscapes for the benefit of present and future generations. Over the course of the last two years, the YGT has been raising funds for its Student Bursary Scheme. We are pleased to announce that the Scheme has now been launched and we can consider applications from students studying or researching in Yorkshire.

Applications should be sent to bursary [at]

Scope of the Scheme

The Student Bursary is available to any under- or post-graduate student who is attending a Further Education College or University in Yorkshire and is studying either horticulture, landscape design, landscape/garden history or the conservation of historic designed landscapes. Applications will also be considered from students who are enrolled at a FE College or University outside Yorkshire but who are engaged in research concerning Yorkshire historic gardens, parks or designed landscapes. Students can be full or part-time.The Bursary is intended either to help students develop a particular aspect of their studies or to relieve hardship, where that is shown to be a barrier to learning.

The following is a list of uses to which the Bursary could be applied. It is not exhaustive and all applications will be considered on their merits.

i) Research – study of research material and documents relating to Yorkshire’s historic parks, gardens or other significant designed landscape.

ii) Surveys - archaeological, photographic, historical, environmental, horticultural or botanical.

iii) Planning - conservation, restoration or preparation of management plans

iv) Archival surveys - cataloguing, digitising, researching.

v) Travel expenses - to enable access to specialist training or work placements or to assist with a research project.

vi) Training expenses - to enable access to specialist conferences or specialist training schemes or to support an internship or work placement.


  • An application can be made at any time of the year but must be made on the prescribed form and must also be submitted at least 6 weeks before the start of the proposed project. To download the form, see YGT Bursary Application Form

  • The form should be completed in full and should be accompanied by a CV and a letter of reference from your course tutor who should validate your application. You will need to show that you could not undertake the project without the additional financial support being sought.

  • A detailed calculation will be needed to show how you have estimated the costs involved in your project. We will not require you to provide invoices during the course of your project or a final account, so your original estimated costs will need to be as accurate as possible and will be given careful scrutiny. Wherever possible, evidence of the cost of items eg travel costs, archive fees, copying fees, course fees etc should be provided.

  • Additional information may be requested for the purposes of clarification and decision-making. If such a request is made, this additional information should be provided within any time-scale given by us.

  • Hardship applications - in exceptional circumstances where the bursary application concerns the relief of hardship then the decision with regard to this will be given within 2 weeks of receipt of the application.

  • If granted, the Bursary award may be paid in full, in part or in instalments.

  • The decision of the YGT will be final. All applicants will be notified whether or not they have been successful.

Bursary Award – Terms and Conditions

  1. The YGT has decided to limit any single award to a maximum of £500. The Scheme will be reviewed annually and the level of award may change depending on the level of need and the nature of the applications we receive. It is hoped that the Scheme will provide opportunities for students and YGT members to meet and to share ideas and information.

  2. Whilst there will be no requirement to account to the YGT during the course of your project, we do ask that at the end of it you share the outcome of your work with us. This could be a copy of the essay or written project that you have completed or a short summary report.

  3. We reserve the right to publish this in full or to quote from it on our website and in our Newsletter. The YGT may use the report in its publicity material and in press articles. We will consult with you before publishing anything that you have written.

  4. We would also ask that the assistance provided by the YGT should be recognised in any publicity connected with any project supported through the Bursary Scheme

  5. You may also be invited to give a verbal report to our members at our AGM.

  6. The Bursary is intended to give students opportunities to advance their learning and improve their prospects. It is very important therefore that any award is used in accordance with the approved application and that it is claimed within 6 months of its approval.

  7. If any problems should arise with regard to this or any other aspect of the award, then you are asked to let us know so we can assist in resolving any difficulties.

  8. We will expect you to complete your piece of work within the timeframe given to you by your institution. We will also expect that the bursary will be used only for the purpose for which it was awarded.

  9. Failure to complete the project may result in all or part of the award having to be repaid.

If you have any queries regarding either your application or award, then please contact us at bursary [at]

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