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YGT’s place in the national planning system

Since the 1980s there has been a national record of the historic parks and gardens in England, which make such a rich and varied contribution to our landscape heritage. This record is known as the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England. Historic parks and gardens are a fragile and finite resource. They can easily be damaged beyond repair or lost forever, which is why YGT researches the history of Yorkshire’s parks and gardens, and its Conservation and Planning sub-committee uses its knowledge to advise on how they can be maintained and managed in the future.

Registration is a material consideration in planning. Following an application for development which would affect a registered park or garden or its setting, local planning authorities, when determining whether or not to grant permission, must take into account the historic interest of the site. To ensure the appropriate professional advice, it is a statutory requirement that local planning authorities consult Historic England if the application affects a Grade I or II* registered site, and also the Gardens Trust (GT) if the application affects any registered site, regardless of its grade. YGT is a member organisation of the Gardens Trust and works in partnership with it in respect of the protection and conservation of registered parks and gardens in Yorkshire. YGT is authorised by the GT to respond on the its behalf in respect of such consultations.

Where to find information about a planning application

Every local authority and national park authority in England is required to publish - on its publicly accessible website - all planning applications it receives, all responses that are made to those applications and the decisions it makes in every case. Each individual application and the matching responses and decision are made against a planning number that is unique to the authority for that application. This system of publishing such documents online has applied since soon after the year 2000.

Responses by YGT/GT can be found on the relevant authority website by searching on the location or, if known, the relevant planning application number.

From 2022 YGT/GT responses regarding an individual Registered Park or Garden in Yorkshire will be added under the entry for the respective site on the YGT database of historic sites.

Responses by YGT/GT to planning applications or consultations that affect more than one Registered Park or Garden, e.g. affecting part or all of an individual local authority area (such as a Neighbourhood Plan), or nationwide matters, such as a national planning consultation:

YGT planning responses to planning applications for locations in Yorkshire not related to an individual registered park or garden


YGT responses on other planning and conservation matters and how these might affect Yorkshire

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