Business plan

To make efficient and effective use of our resources Yorkshire Gardens Trust developed a five year Business Plan, which runs from October 2018 to September 2022. As well as co-ordinating our efforts to best effect, this comprehensive document will also be invaluable if we apply for grants or funding for our work in the future.

The way forward is mapped through a series of detailed Objectives, Actions and Budgeting Plans for the Trust’s Council of Management and its six Committees - Communications and Membership; Events; Conservation; Schools; Research, Recording and Archives; and Business Planning. Our year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

When Yorkshire Gardens Trust was established in 1996 its stated objects were:-

  1. to promote the education of the public on matters connected with garden land, and
  2. to promote the protection, conservation and appropriate treatment of whatever garden land may exist, or have existed, in and around the Counties of North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and West Yorkshire for the education and enjoyment of the public.

These objects provide the basis for the objectives i.e. actions and targets in the Business Plan, all of which underpin the nine aims of the Trust, which are:-

  1. To develop and sustain effective programmes of communication with members, professionals and the wider public through visits, workshops, lectures, seminars and publications, for the appreciation, awareness and enjoyment of the designed landscapes of Yorkshire.
  2. To assist in the preservation and conservation of the natural and built heritage of designed landscape, parks and parkland.
  3. To develop an information base of Yorkshire gardens and landscapes as an aid to education and conservation.
  4. To promote the development of school grounds and gardens and landscape-based topics in schools’ education.
  5. To develop and maintain working liaisons with other heritage organisations, local authorities and landowners to promote the conservation of historic parks and gardens.
  6. To raise the public profile of the Trust in order to gain support for its work and stimulate interest in its objectives.
  7. To maintain an effective and enthusiastic Council of Management.
  8. To establish a Projects’ Fund to allow the Trust to support projects that accord with its objectives in the fields of education and conservation.
  9. To raise, and invest, monies sufficient to allow the Trust to maintain the achievement of its objectives on an on-going basis.

Regular monitoring of our Business Plan helps the Trust to flag up not only successful achievements but also areas in need of attention and remedial action. By adopting this comprehensive approach, the Trust can continue to pursue its Aims and Objectives efficiently and effectively within the resources it has available.

We are extremely fortunate to be supported by a number of very talented and hardworking individuals, trustees and volunteers but of course, additional resources would allow the Trust to do even more to protect and promote our wonderful Yorkshire gardens. We hope that many members can be actively involved with the Trust and its activities and if you would like to help in the valuable and enjoyable work of the Trust please contact one of our trustees, the Company Secretary or our Administrator for more details.