Offers and Gifts

A teacher and schoolchildren explore plants in a large greenhouse.

Every term we aim to offer or give something to our member schools. Here's a quick summary of what may be on offer to support this year’s theme of "Recycle in your Garden".  

  • Gardening tools for children
  • Grounds Development Awards
  • Plants and seeds
  • Support for a school's visit, or workshop on school grounds
  • A gift of a book

Look out for how to apply later.

Cover of 'Gardening for kids' by Dawn Isaac, showing a child with a watering can.

Current offers

  • Please look out for email alerts for our latest offers

Recent offers and gifts

  • Childrens’ washable gardening gloves

  • Image
    An 'L'-shaped raised bed on a brick floor contains a variety of plants.

    Apple Trees

  • A bird feeder with seed

  • Wack’s Wicked Plants workshop offer - YGT for Schools offered £250 towards an in-school Wack’s Wicked Plants workshop.

  • Broad bean seed for all

  • Blue Lupin Seeds

  • Offer for site visits to RHS Harlow Carr; The Yorkshire Arboretum; New Hall Farm; Sheffield Botanical Gardens; The Woodmeadow Trust and The Nature Box Forest School